Our wild camping spot for the night was similar to that of Marbella and we loved it. I would go as far as saying wild camping by the beach is perfect. Not only was it free, had shading under some trees and was stones throw from the sea but there were also toilets too as well as showers! It was early afternoon and after a busy morning in Cordoba and then a short stop in Frigiliana we were exhausted (It’s a hard life) so a relax on the beach was just what we needed! Relaxing in the shade was swiftly followed by cooking in the van and watching the sun set over the nearby mountain to end a lovely day!


The next morning we decided to see what the main area of Nerja had to offer as we were on the outskirts. We packed up our towels and umbrella and took a lovely long walk along the edge and through the main town towards a big beach on the other side. The town was cute and filled with many restaurants which all looked scrummy. The shops were calling my name but I refrained and soon we were on the busiest beach I have ever been on in my life, no exaggeration! There didn’t seem to be many sun loungers to rent and instead all the worshippers were out in force lay on a towel in the sun. We popped ourselves into a spot at the very back for some peace and away from the crazed children who dashed here there and everywhere around the waters edge. It was nice just to lie back and relax again which was much needed especially as the temperatures were so so hot it was pretty much impossible to do anything else other than lie there like a lemon! One thing I adored about the beach was the waves because yes I am a child and it was so much fun as the waves were MASSIVE and you only had to swim in about 2 metres from the shore and already you couldn’t touch the floor. So that is my round up of Nerja – excellent wild camping and a super fun wavy beach I mean what more could you want?


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