As soon as we had the keys back to our van that was it we were out of there! Out of Barcelona and out of Spain. The weight lifted slowly from our shoulders the further we drove away. The heatwave that had our skin on fire for weeks now was over and the biggest storms lashed down on our little home.The windscreen wipers struggled to keep up with the lashing rain, I say rain but it was like someone was pouring buckets of water over us. The wind was so strong there were trees in the road. I could have compared it to pathetic fallacy if it had been the night before but now the rain was a happy surprise and not only cooled our exhausted bodies but gave us laughter as it felt so surreal! Even the locals had to pullover to shelter from the hideous storm but that didn’t stop us. It was pitch black by the time we reached the border and there was not a soul in sight after we crossed we hopped out to get some petrol. We knew Andorra was a different county but as with most European countries our we expected our phone to have full use of s regular contract…oh no that was not the case. We had o internet so no way of planning a journey, no google maps so going the old fashioned way following signs and our notes, we eventually made it to our spot next to cable car. Surrounded by other campers we parked up and still massively on edge we attempted to get some sleep. In the light we saw that the sleepy town of xx was the polar opposite of Spain, a skiing resort in the winter and by summer a hikers retreat. I as on edge but trying hard to relax. I needed a focus and after a brief walk around the town, cut short by my anxiety we headed into the small but busy cafe opposite the carpark we were staying in. Armed with our notebooks and laptop we planned for the coming week and even though at times it was a bit hard focussing, it was better than worrying over the past. Another night of broken sleep but we were starting to feel more like ourselves and after a couple of home cooked meals in the van we knew we had to continue on.


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