This whistle stop tour took us to for our first night wild camping. Our little self sufficient home on wheels worked a treat and we hitched up next to the lakes in the Blarmeersen park for a free night of relaxation after a busy day in Bruges. We loved the location on the edge of the water, on a quiet road. After a quick freshen up we hopped on our bicycles and headed along the paths towards town. We parked at the central square along with the rows and rows of other bikes from locals and tourists alike, finding ourselves immersed in music from a nearby bar. We pulled up a sun lounger to soak up the last few rays of the day. Belgian beer in hand we relaxed and after a few we thought we would explore the city at dusk.



From my prior research I couldn’t find masses of points of interest and it quickly became apparent everything to see was quite literally a stones throw from each other. We ambled along Graffiti Street which was completely empty and admired the artwork which completely covered every inch of the walls. We strolled past the cathedral as the sun began to set and did our usual of getting lost in the maze of narrow streets. We eventually came down to the canal where we sampled the most divine waffles (I mean we were in Belgium come on) and then headed back out to the van for a well deserved sleep.



We could have stayed for longer but our Belgium and Netherlands leg of the tour is a little rushed because of some dates we need to adhere to but to be honest we’d seen all the little quirks we wanted to and thought lets get back on the road again. Next stop Brussels…

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