A couple of weeks ago we decided that we would check out Alty Market. It’s on our doorstep and thought it would be a nice way to chill out and relax on those lazy Sunday mornings. I am always looking this up before I got somewhere and everything about the website alone had me hooked. A collection of passionately regional and fiercely independent suppliers according to the site and this place didn’t disappoint!

I would recommend firstly going early. We arrived at 10am and the market house where we wanted to brunch was relatively quiet. We picked our spot and within the hour it was bustling and had that market buzz locals and tourists alike. The market house itself surrounds you with smells and sights of fresh local produce and it was so had to choose.

Joshua went for scrambled eggs on sourdough and I has poached with an extra hot latte. The atmosphere was super relaxed and we ambled into the market for a spot of shopping our highlight was all the interior stall Room 365 (also then branding on this so on point!), fresh breads and flowers. We didn’t plan on buying anything but ended up walking home with an A1 print – The Cross by Paul Richards from Kin Art which now hangs in our hall and is one of my favourite pieces in the house.

The market is only small however we chose a Sunday as each week of the month there is a new theme. When we went it was Vintage weekend and the stalls and unique finds have definitely inspired a few new up cycling projects.

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