So I realised I had missed out on writing up about this little spot we stayed at for the night earlier this year! hw could I have done such a thing. We loved it and just because it isn’t a major city we felt like it was a little hidden gem only a short drive from the garish aesthetics of Benidorm and this applies to both the bright lights and occupants. With only a 30 minute drive we arrived to a whole ew world. We parked up I front of the harbour and collected together our relaxation necessities; towels, shades, good book and umbrella then found a beautiful spot on this secluded beach. I swear for the first half the day we lay alone surrounded by masses of huge pebbles. It was perfect no sand sin my pants or between my toes it was just the cool breeze and smooth stone underfoot. Hopping up only to nip to the local supermarket for snacks we well and truly escaped reality. Later on we nipped inside and after a quick squaddies wash took the walk into the town. I didn’t realise it was on top of a giant bloody hill did I but it was worth the effort to see the cute cobbles and castle which had the most stunning view. The residential area spilled out to bars and restaurants creating a hub of people relaxing after a day in the sun. We were craving some comfort food so headed to the local Indian and ordered what felt like the whole menu. You name it we had it curry, rice, naan, popadoms, bhajis the works. Fit to burst we walked ff our meal well we rolled back down the hill the sunset hot on our heels before stumbling down the water front. As we were the only people around ti seemed like the perfect opportunity to whip out our skateboards and have a practise. No I am no pro nor can I even go straight but its all a work in progress and we had such a laugh. The empty road behind us meant we slept like logs and were ready for our next adventure.


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