Googles…how to write an about me page.

Answer…do not use google to answer shitty questions. 

I have no idea what to write, it has taken me 29 years and I still have no clue of who I am, maybe I will never know. I guess a good place to start would be the things I like:

Everything in and around my home, they say it’s your sanctuary, a little slice of heaven and even though it’s nowhere near finished I couldn’t be happier here. The way the sun pours through my window each morning, cuddles with the cat, feeding the chickens, checking the bees and tending to the garden. I adore the sanctuary on the outskirts of the city, the contrast of the serene and the bustling, the adventure on our doorstep.

Travel, it’s been a rough couple of years and my feet are beyond itchy. As much as I love this haven I surround myself with I am so aware that the world is so big, so varied, crammed with different cultures and cuisines, people and places I need to learn about. 

Keeping a record of all of these things might go some way to describing my love of photography, capturing beautiful moments, tangible memories of a split second secured and frozen in time. I love seeing past the image itself and instead reminiscing, harking back to the moment it was captured and the time that surrounded it. 

I have the same approach to clothes, I hoard them, wear them once and pack them away to be brought out again once I feel enough time has passed. Josh laughs at me when I smile as I yank out a battered frock from the wardrobe recalling exact details from the night it was last worn, who was there, the people we were with, the smells, the sounds, the food or the music. 

I guess the things I like are not the things themselves, nothing shiny or sparkly. It could be a rock we picked up on the beach or a napkin from a restaurant, it’s not about the things it’s more about the stories behind them. Maybe that’s what sums me up, a product of my past experiences, building on from one adventure to the next, a constant evolution I’ve never managed to pin down and I don’t know if I ever want to.