Whilst the weather was miserable and salty rain splattered our windscreen I realised that not everyday was going to be super glamorous. The slight whiff off warming milk coming from the fridge that hadn’t worked in 24 hours was the reminder that yes I am living in a van. I’ve used the public toilet on the beach three times today and I didn’t even care that it was a bit gross. The leisure battery isn’t working, we’ve managed to run it flat and have no idea why or how to fix it. I’m sitting wondering if it’s all worth it? I guess it’s because the weather at home is glorious sunshine and I had a regular pay packet I was sort of missing some normality. It’s just one of the moments of question.

I know that this is worth it! I might not be getting paid but I’m richer in knowledge and wiser in life. I know it’s a bit pants that the fridge doesn’t work but really it doesn’t matter. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I’ve made. The sense of freedom is unlike anything I can compare it to, although whipping off my bra at the end of a day does come close. My skin is sunkissed from the days spent in it so far and anyway what is a few days without sun? I couldn’t do it without Joshua though, I mean come on if I was on my own I’d have turned around and gone home by now. I like to think I’m independent but he’s the one with the cool head and the skills to fix the technical problems that pop up on the way. A few tears and hugs later and it all seems so stupid, if this is my biggest stress then it’s not a big stress at all.

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