2017 already feels like a distant memory and so I thought it was time to not just reflect on the past, but look forward to what is to come. For me, it is important to always think ahead and whilst the past shapes who you are today, it is your choices that shape your future. So many times I have done the whole new year, new me shit but lets be honest I am still the same person I was yesterday so instead I have decided that rather than a resolution I won’t stick to, I want to set myself goals. I read online somewhere that you should have goals to reflect different aspects of your life from work to health to personal achievements and I also want to ensure they are feasible because I wont be giving up chocolate anytime soon, dropping a two stone or earning 50k a year! So here goes nothing and I guess now more than ever seeing its it’s online for all to see its basically set in stone…


I am definitely someone who is ambitious and I started my new job this time last year. It doesn’t mean I am anymore comfortable as each day bring new challenges and I am constantly learning. I already have my goals within the company but for me personally I want to expand my skills set. I plan on using the Lynda website to learn more about animation so I can support the graphics used on screens for racedays.


Health is important to me and during the end of last year I made the decision to go Gluten Free, no not because I am into being awkward but I genuinely struggled after eating heavy meals like pasta or pizza (the best kinds of food). I read up online and after speaking to a few people I thought what harm could it do to cut down. These days I am lot more strict as I have seen the benefits and have near enough cut gluten out of my diary completely. So for this year I want to get back into running. I did start running in the summer and when times got hard I felt like it was a great was to clear my head and think even if its just 10 minutes. I have seen online there is a 10k run in Chester n March so I think I will sign up for that as a goal and then my other goal will be to cut down on my dairy intake but lets see how long that one lasts.


So personal goals seems like the easiest to break as it’s hard to see the true benefits like you can with work or health but I am going to give this a go. I need to write more on this blog, I did start with the best intentions but then things got in the way so this year I pan on writing at least once a week but only if there is content I may add otherwise it could end up with just rubbish and no-one want s to read that! My other goals for my personal life would be to learn to skateboard as that was last years goal which never materialised and then also to travel to new places I have never been to before even if its 20 miles down the road.

Let’s see if I can stick to it!

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